Grit blasting your boat
Why sand blasting is best...

Sand blasting, also known as grit blasting,  a steel boat is the perfect method to prepare for blacking or painting, on whichever part needs some TLC. Getting rust, dirt and old paint off as quickly and efficiently as possible keeps costs down and also means that the coating that follows looks better and lasts longer. Whether that's the black below the waterline, the cabin sides or roof ready for a lovely new paint-job, or even a waste or water tank. 

If there are 'pits' in the metal - places where rust has eaten into it - those can be welded during the process, giving you piece of mind and longer life for your hull.

Once the blasting is complete we are also able to carry out the next parts of the work for you, whether you chose the modern long-lasting option of two-pack epoxy or, if your budget won't allow (although it can work out cheaper in the long run), traditional bitumen or enamel paint.

Prices are from* £11 per foot for blasting hull sides. 
Base plate £11 per foot (narrowboats only at present). 
(*excludes dock/lifting.)

For example, our service for hull sides includes:
  • Cleaning with a pressure washer
  • Removing old anodes
  • Blast cleaning to a minimum of SA2.0
Please contact us for a quote for the cabin sides/roof or tanks.