2-pack or not 2-pack
Our boat blacking service will help you prolong the life of your boat. We recommend a 2-pack epoxy coating for the hull. Looking after the shell of your boat, whether above or below the water line, is more than just about making it look smart. Water, especially where there is electricity running nearby or another metal, such as when moored up against metal pilings, will all cause corrosion on a steel hull. There is also a new peril from microbes in the water which are eating into boat hulls. Any of these, if not dealt with, can seriously shorten the lifespan of your boat and may cost you many thousands of pounds.

Once the boat has been prepared, preferably by grit blasting as this gives a superior surface for coating, we can use a number of different treatments to protect and preserve the newly cleaned metal.

Grit blasting can reveal that the hull is suffering from deeper corrosion, or 'pitting', or other defects. These will need repairing before the coatings go on, at an additional cost. I'll discuss this with you at the time.

For the hull we recommend 2-pack epoxy Sigma Shield 880, specifically designed for use underwater in the marine and oil industries. We can use bitumen blacking if that is what you prefer.

We also do a full repaint for the roof and cabin sides in paint/s of your choice, either by spraying or roller. Prices will vary depending on the number of colours you would like.
We have an excellent signwriting company we work with for those final flourishes.

Narrowboat blacking with Ballistic Black £6 per foot*.
Narrowboat hull blasting price from £11 per foot*.
To paint with 2-pack epoxy with an airless sprayer - please phone to discuss the price, as each job is unique. 

Narrowboat base plate optional extras:
Raise boat and pressure wash = £400*
Base plate blasting £11 per foot*
(*excludes dry dock/lifting)  
For prices for the cabin sides (top part), for widebeam prices or if you have any questions please contact us.