Why choose Boats and Blast? 

From gritblasting, to blacking and painting through to electrical wiring and engine servicing we offer a reasonably priced service to keep your narrowboat (or widebeam, broadbeam or barge) engine, batteries, electrics and metal structure of your boat in the best condition possible. You can then enjoy your boat – whether moored up or cruising – safe in the knowledge that a professional has taken care of it, at a price you’ll be pleasantly surprised with. 

Once you’ve bought a boat, whether for leisure or as your home, you want to take care of it and protect your investment. Ensuring that you are meeting Boat Safety regulations, for your insurers, and for your own piece of mind – keeping everything in good working order is important. But with the prices that many boatyards charge these days it can be worrisome how to afford it.

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